Customized Control Valve Capabilities by Cla-Val

Cla-Val is known for its ability to create solutions for unique requirements in fluid control applications.  In fact, it’s one of the things we do best. Our customers’ need for specialized solutions is the reason why we have a large, in-house Engineering team.  It is also why we have one of the strongest R&D teams in the control valve industry. Cla-Val does more than supply standard fluid control products; we set the standard for innovative fluid control solutions.

Advanced Valve Control

A little over a year ago, we introduced the VC-22D Electronic Valve Controller to the waterworks industry. Our R&D teams in the US and Switzerland developed the VC-22D to serve as an interface between a SCADA system and other devices installed on or around a control valve. Today, the VC-22D controller is used throughout the world to improve system performance.

The VC-22D valve controller enables remote operation of electronic valves in water treatment facilities or potable water distribution systems.  As supplied, the controller is pre-loaded with fourteen of the most common valve applications (ValvApps™) to control valve and electronic device functions, including the following:

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.53.00 AM


Customized Valve Control

If none of the supplied apps will meet customer requirements, Cla-Val engineers have the ability to write custom ValvApps™ to suit any application parameters. Using a proprietary development environment call “R-Designer”, programs can be customized with multiple PID functions, totalizers, metering functions, various alarms, control curves, numerous timers, or any advanced logic system requirement.

VC-22D_CustomerSketchUsing “R-Designer”, custom graphics can be inserted into any ValvApp™. Customer logos, system indicators and timers can be added with ease to the VC-22D home screen. A simple customer sketch is all that’s required to develop a customized ValvApp™, examples of which are shown below.  After Cla-Val Engineering develops a customized app, it can easily be uploaded, even after the VC-22D controller has been installed.

Click here to learn more about custom valve control. 




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