July Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for our contest. We had a lot of great submissions it was hard to choose just 3!

First Place: Kemtag Enterprises LTD

First Place_KEMTAG 1_Booster Pmp Stn 90-01 & 60-11

Photo: Booster Pump Station in Atlantic Canada

Using Cla-Val 90-01 Pressure Reducing Valves and a 60-11 Pump Control Valve

Submitted by Todd Elliott


Serving: The Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick • Newfoundland • Labrador • Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Phone: 506-852-4004  • Email: sales@kemtag.com

Second Place: DM Valves & Controls, Inc.

2nd Place Quebec 4

Photo: Water Pumping Station in Quebec Canada

Using four Cla-Val 24” 650-03 Pump Control Valves

Submitted by Michael McAleer


Serving: The Canadian Province of Quebec Phone: 514-332-4260 • Email: michael@dmvalve.com Website: http://www.dmvalve.com/

Third Place: Northwestern Power Equipment Co., Inc.

3rd Place_

Photo: Flow Control and Electronic Flow Metering for Elevated Water Tank Water

Using Cla-Val 131 Series electronic Valves with Position Transmitters and Electronic Flow Meters

Submitted by Dave Kluck and Terry Estenson

Serving:  Minnesota and parts of Illinois and Wisconsin Phone: 651-628-0683 Email: dakluck@nwpeco.com & testenson@nwpeco.com Website: http://www.nwpeco.com

Thank you again to everyone who submitted! Stay tuned for our next contest! Visit http://www.claval.com for more information.

One thought on “July Photo Contest Winners

  1. bigstockplays September 1, 2015 / 9:30 pm

    Great photos


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